When I was saying about the ROLE MODEL IN THE HOME NEXT DOOR – my subconscious was asking me if I forgot the ROLE MODEL(S) IN YOUR HOME..

Started to wander around the memory lane.. .. .. ..
The First Role Model:
This little girl at young age moved to her grandmother’s place and was primarily raised under the supervision of her paternal grandmother.
The intelligent young girl was enthusiastic, aggressive, brilliance and had a great love for mathematics.
Was double promoted in her 1 or 3rd standard; if I remember correctly for the IQ and specific knowledge of math’s; making an perfect example for “விளையும் பயிர் முளையிலேயே தெரியும்”. Helping her grandmother buying vegetable’s & fruits from pushcart fruits seller.

Also as a young girl used to attend & listen to Gita recitation by elderly grandmother kind “Teacher பாட்டி” the next door.
Then during college days,
1. She attended college in the day time
2. Participated in social service activities as part of college
3. Contributed her time and effort for Education of Elderly called “முதியோர் கல்வி” (If I remember correctly Gardner Raju /his brother and one or two other were her students)
4. Had a fascination to computers
5. Learned MCA in College
6. Taught Computer classes as an evening coach in computer institute “Datapro” during the evening hours like 6:00pm to 9:00pm
7. Like how people are fascinated about the latest bullet trains (or) Robots ; she was fascinated about the world of Complex Calculating Machines called the “Personal Computers”
(it was just how touch / smart phone was 10 years before like say in 2005 – but affordability to buy a computer was not available for people in 1990’s) .

8. She was lucky to have a father who believed in her dreams ( usually it’s tough for fathers to buy & give something for their children which they themselves don’t completely understand and that too if the cost of that item is exorbitantly high)
She had the brilliance, knowledge, commitment, perseverance & the go to attitude. These got her an opportunity for her father(and family) to believe in her little daughter’s dream to get her a Wipro 386-SX processor based Personal Computer (PC) with memory of roughly 640mb if hard driven or Read Only Memory, few MB’s of RAM & with 1Mb capable removable 3/4inch floppy drive.

9. Then post completion of MCA she joined the corporate world and started to spread her wings.
10. Now a mother of two little tigress and after a break in her corporate carrier now again back to her computer world but now not as a programmer by as Associate Director in a French head quartered software organization.

The Second Role Model:
Studied in Queen of Hill station under the love and care of her parents and with her little brother. Walked up the hill to reach the school and got the mental and physical stamina.
Was supported by the lovable people of the Nilgiris like our house maid called as “ஆயா or வள்ளி ஆயா” with love, who for some time used to bring the home made lunch to school.
In the evening spent some time with her father, uncle & many brothers(அண்ணா’s), sister,chief accountant தாத்தா,electrician தாத்தா(I think அவர் பெயர்  Samuel if I am not wrong) ~ all our friendly family like staff of The General Agencies – and still they are; in the Paper, Magazine shop and got the business acumen at the young age.
Studied the National Language “Hindi” as her second language the only person at home to learn this language as 2nd language in our family at that time. Without support of parents or any one at home or tuition she was able to shine in the National Language and other subjects.
Used to walk to Gel Memorial Girls Higher Secondary School (not sure if she took some bus at times) daily 4+km in the morning and evening.
Then followed her sister footsteps to join the same college where her sister graduated and completed her graduation and social service sessions (which is part & parcel of this great women’s institution still). Unlike her sister this little toddler somehow did not have an affinity to computers; maybe it’s the impact of watching her dad(&uncle) & he doing business generated a different chemical reaction in her brain.
Post-graduation her dad advised her not to immediately venture into his business but to get trained in the outside world and in future if interested he wanted his children to continue his business.
So post her graduation she joined a business group as front office Sales. Her business acumen which she acquired at her very young age helped her to get the skill of sales and business & to enter into new work opportunities. She had a study growth from Sales Staff to Senior Sales Officer in a PC & Computer peripherals assembly & implementation organization, and then Head of Administration in a Text to Voice startup organization. Those days’ people had no idea what a startup is.

As most Indian women of 20the century post marriage she took the role of wife, daughter-in-law and a lovely mother. Her appetite for trying new things captivated her again. But is it possible to try something brand new in mid-30’s ?? That too by a normal South Indian woman. She was not just a normal S.Indian woman but always had the appetite to try new thing as her character. So might be this was ordinary for her.
In mid to late 30’s she ventured into the world of responsible architect of a human being “The Teacher”. She started her new carrier as a Teacher and still continues to walk, travel by bus and any other means of transportation and a very active and a busy converged South Indian woman as always.

These are my personal role models of the 20th century the beauty and brains of our family. Wanted to take an opportunity to talk few lines about the makers of our 20th century the beauty & brains about whom we discussed briefly above.
The makers, the believers, the supports of the dream in short “the lovable parents & ultra caring family members”.. ..
The dad who believed in the dreams of his daughters and gave them full opportunity & freedom & supported to the best possible & at times beyond his abilities.
Just to coin as an example of his love, vision & belief in his daughters dream ; For his daughters dream he just invested more than 1 Lakh in 1990’s (via a loan) to get his daughter the 386 SX processor based Personal Computer which he completely does not understand at that time. The value of 1 Lakh rupees in 1990’s was really really a very big amount.
The mother of two daughter shunted between Nilgiris and Manchester of S.India. Supported her not so bright third kid. Gave him care and moral education every night via moral stories. Walked every afternoon to his school during the lunch time. She is a true believer of God, her duty, pour eternal love on her children and family(pure love of any mother), a very innocent human being.

In a joint family every Uncle, Aunt or in-short  every elders play role of parents and moral guiders and support system. Which we are loosing in today’s world. A treasure which instead of re-shaping to fit the modern world we are loosing and its now more like a Classical Tradition followed in India / South Asia which the future could just read in eBooks only(I hope at-least that legacy of knowing via eBooks will be available to our current & future generation).

I would like to say to everyone that, in every home the Father, Mother, the Grand parents the family members (ours a joint family so every one a role model) are definitely a role models. They are the untold, silent role models, whom we should not forget to watch,recognize, learn and also be one to create a unique chapter for other to look up for.


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ORA-01435: user does not exist

For the past two days we were facing issue in installing software. It had database dependency and Oracle 11G Express editions was our choice of DB for development.

Initial installation step had a Pre-requisite step to verify the Database details.

It collected information like

  1. User Name
  2. Password
  3. Port Number
  4. Catalogue Name
  5. Schema Name

We provided the details and the connectivity was successful and pre-requisite check passed.

We proceeded with installation. But during the actual installation step the Application was not able to connect to DB. It landed in the following error,

ORA-01435: user does not exist

On googling we found the possible cause as

  1. This message is caused by any reference to a non-existent user. For example, it occurs if a SELECT, GRANT, or REVOKE statement specifies a username that does not exist. Only a GRANT CONNECT statement may specify a new username. All other GRANT and REVOKE statements must specify existing usernames. If specified in a SELECT statement, usernames must already exist.
  2. Guided us to verify that the user name is displayed in all_users table via the following query,

select * from all_users

We confirmed the following, for the user name which was failing during installation

  1. SQL Plus was able to connect via the user name
  2. SQL developer was able to connect
  3. select * from all_users – Proved good
  4. Re-visited the GRANT statements
  5. And various other troubleshooting for two days.

Cause:  Subsequently we started to install the software fresh from first by following the installation guide again.

We noticed that the schema name what we provided proved to be wrong and this was cause of the issue.

It did not match the user name and we gave by mistake the SID for the schema name.

This was a learning which we would never forget.

We felt that the Error if was updated to say

user or schema does not exist”

then it would be helpful for new developers and less experienced Oracle users. So we thought we would send in our note to ORacle for consideration. 🙂

So for people who land up in this   issue

ORA-01435: user does not   exist

Possible cause based on our experience could be;

  1. User does not exist (or)
  2. Schema does not exist (or) Schema name mis-spelled or wrong

So when SQL statements to CREATE table etc…. are to be executed it checks for schema and finds that the mentioned Schema Name is in-correct and this results in error ORA-01435.

Note: The default schema names are always the same as the user name, except that the schema names are all uppercase.

Happy coding… 🙂

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Hello world!

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